The H-litter

Born: 2007-03-13




Int Nord & Dk Ch SV-04 Khalils Jaham


Shamali Farisa Al Ustura



More pics of the H-litter


h-litter 2 days old
H-litter 2 days old
puppies 2 days old
Sleepy after dinner...

5 days grizzle
Snoring the day away...5 days old black grizzle Photo: F Tapper

5 days old
All three busy sleeping... Photo: F Tapper

5 days old
Tiresome work at the milkbar takes its toll... Photo: F Tapper
5 days old creme
The two creme brothers at 5 days Photo: F Tapper

20 days old :


fat one
Through some miracle of life this fatty thing is to become a sleek and swift saluki...
tired black grizzle
He CAN stay awake, we have actually seen him moving...
Tiny but lionhearted...
family pic
Family meeting
tiny one peeing
If you have to go, you have to go...
fat one sitting
Maybe time to join the weightwatchers?...
Oh yeah, the left...scratch me moooore...
sleeping beauty
Don't move mum, I'm sleeping...

4 weeks old:

big cream
We are ferocious... photo: C Pettersson
big cream 2
...dangerous photo: C Pettersson
...lethal photo: C Pettersson
blackgrizzled 2
...ruthless photo: C Pettersson
tiny cream growling
...groooowling killers photo: C Pettersson
tiny cream 2
...or not photo: C Pettersson
favourite pastime
Practising their favourite hobby... Photo: F Tapper

5 weeks old:

creme big sitting
The big creme sitting... (photo: K Petersson)
big creme standing
...and standing (photo: K Petersson)
grizzle sitting
Mr sleepyhead awakes... (photo: K Petersson)
grizzle standing the smell of something yummi (photo: K Petersson)
small creme sitting
The Shamali contestant in cuteness-WC sitting... (photo: K Petersson)
small creme standing
...and standing (photo: K Petersson)
farisa and grizzle pup
What's that? Looks interesting, I gotta have a look... (photo: K Petersson)

8 weeks old:


big cream laying
Shamali Hasib al Rafiq sitting (photo: K Petersson)
grizzle sitting
Shamali Habib al Kaqan sitting (photo: K Petersson)
small cream sitting
Shamali Haqiq al Daraj sitting (photo: K Petersson)
big cream standing
Shamali Hasib al Rafiq standing (photo: K Petersson)
grizzle standing
Shamali Habib al Kaqan standing (photo: K Petersson)
small cream standing
Shamali Haqiq al Daraj standing
(photo: K Petersson)